Blick vom Landgrafen auf das Stadtzentrum mit dem charakteristischen JenTower

Incoming Students

Studying Political Science in Jena
Blick vom Landgrafen auf das Stadtzentrum mit dem charakteristischen JenTower
Foto: Christoph Worsch

Dear interested students,

The Study Abroad Team of the Institute of Political Science at FSU Jena welcomes you! On this page, we would like to provide you with some general information about your potential stay in Jena. You will find a short overview of our institute, the offered study programs, information about our course offer for exchange students, and contact information in case you have further questions.

Political Science in Jena Eintrag erweitern

Our institute boasts a staff of 7 professors and about 20 teaching and research associates. Each professor heads a subdivision in a specific field of political science and is responsible for the related teaching and research activities. The institute, therefore, offers the full spectrum of political science as an academic discipline with some specializations.

The following subdivisions form our institute:

Study Programs for International Students (complete program) Eintrag erweitern

Our institute offers the study programs you can see below. Please follow the links to find more information on the individual programs as well as the application details.

Here en you can find further information about the study programs.

For individual questions regarding the full-time study programs, please contact our Study Coordinators, Dr. Sven Leunig: (BA/MA Political Science and MA Political Studies and Governance) and Philip M. Tantow: (MA IOCM only).

Course Offer for Exchange Students (1 or 2 semesters) Eintrag erweitern

If you plan to come to Jena for one or two semesters as part of an exchange program (e.g., Erasmus+), you have access to courses across the study programs offered at the institute mentioned above.

Our course offer does not generally follow a fixed curriculum and therefore varies with each semester. It covers classes from all subdisciplines covered by our institute (International Relations, Political Systems (esp. Germany), International Organizations, European Studies, History of Political Thought, Comparative Politics) and offers various opportunities to pursue your interests. Courses (seminars and lectures) usually comprise 5 ECTS credit points. Besides Political Science, incoming students at our institute also have access to related disciplines like Economics, Law, and History through our interdisciplinary modules.

You are further, of course, also invited to attend courses taught in German, given a sufficient language proficiency. We recommend level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Generally, exams and term papers can also be submitted in English; however, please coordinate this with the responsible lecturer.

Please contact us if you have further questions concerning the course offer or other study-related aspects:

Course Offers from Past Semesters Eintrag erweitern

Fall Semester 2022/23

  • A House divided: Congress vs. President – seminar
  • EU Foreign and Security Policy – seminar
  • Model United Nations (UN simulation) – seminar
  • Korea and Europe from Comparative Perspective – seminar
  • Political Theory and the American Vice Presidency – seminar
  • Populism and International Politics – seminar
  • Populism in Germany - A Comparative Perspective – seminar
  • Sovereign States and Justice in a Global World – seminar
  • The Tragedy of Global Commons – seminar
  • Understanding Peace and Conflict – lecture

Spring Semester 2022

  • Artificial Intelligence and the Global Governance of Emerging Technologies – seminar
  • Global Sustainability Governance – seminar
  • Humanitarian Aid – seminar
  • Informal Governance in Transboundary Crises – seminar
  • Natural Resources and Global Justice – seminar
  • Poland’s Struggles with the Past: A Cartography of Public Memory – seminar
  • Progressivism in the United States – seminar
After You Have Arrived Eintrag erweitern

The International Office of FSU Jena is your main point of contact whenever you have general questions. At the start of each fall semester, the staff organizes the so-called Welcome Days en, which we highly recommend! The program spans over 30 days from September to October and gives you an insightful overview of the relevant services of our university. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to meet other students. Further, the different mentoring programs encould be interesting if you are looking for student-to-student support.

The Institute of Political Science also welcomes you at the beginning of each semester. To this end, we will send you a mail with an invitation to the institute’s welcome event and show you how to find more information about our various activities (e.g., mailing list and Instagram (@fsr.powi.jena)). In addition, we organize a mid-semester get-together for (international) students and a feedback meeting before your departure.

What is Jena like? Eintrag erweitern

If you are looking for more information about Jena as a destination for your studies, please see the international website en of the FSU’s central International Office.

Contact and Further Information

For the Institute of Political Science, Steve Biedermann & Tim Haas serve as your Study Abroad Coordinators. We are both Ph.D. candidates and work as research associates. Further, our assistant Kayla Draheim supports us in many regards.

If you are an exchange student who plans to stay in Jena for 1 or 2 semesters, please contact: for all study-related questions. 

If you are an international student who plans to complete a whole study program in Jena, please contact: or (only for MA IOCM) for all questions that have nothing to do with studying abroad specifically.

For all administrative and application-related questions, please get in touch with the central International Office of FSU Jena via:

Steve Biedermann Steve Biedermann Foto: ©IBEI

Steve Biedermann


Tim Haas Tim Haas Foto: Kristin Döpel-Rabe (Ebenbild Jena)

Tim Haas

Kayla Draheim Kayla Draheim Foto: Tim Haas

Kayla Draheim