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Didactics of Politics

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Image: Andreas Bauermeister


Michael May, Univ.-Prof. Dr
Mitarbeiterbild Michael May
Room 442
Carl-Zeiß-Straße 3
07743 Jena


Research Focuses

  • Normative foundations and conceptions of political education
  • Planning, execution and evaluation of political learning processes
  • Right-wing extremism, democratic and political education
  • Didactics of parliament
  • Empirical subject science


Research and Teaching Fellows

Joe Bornträger (BMBF, DiLe)

Elisabeth Franzmann de (BMBF, ProfJL², LADi)

Ilka Maria Hameister de

Marion Hartenstein de (BMBF, DEEDu)

Peter Starke de (BMBF; ProfJL², AuAu)

Scholarship Holders

Joe Bornträger (Landesstipendium)

Chaomo Huang de (KAS-Stipendium)

Student Assistants

Onur Atasayar (ProfJL², AuAu)

Lousia Büsken (Literaturverwaltung, Fallarchiv)

Julius Krämer (Homepage)

Sarah Schmidt (Unterstützung Forschung, Interpretationswerkstatt)

Katharina Vogt (ProfJL², AuAu)


Onur Atasayar

Maria Ehnert

Marvin Hamann

Paul Menger

Profile of our work

The Chair of Didactics of Politics contributes to the professionalization of civic education in and outside of school. Following John Dewey and Jean Piaget, political learning is thereby understood as a situated process that is based on authentic political challenges. Our practical and theoretical training allows students to develop skills in planning, practicing and evaluating lessons by following subject-specific learning situations. The focus of research lies in the normative foundations and conceptualization of civic education, the opportunities and limitations of citizenship education, the planning, execution and evaluation of political learning processes as well as empirical subject science. Next to research and teacher’s training, the chair is also active in other areas such as consulting, qualification of junior scientists and vocational training.

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