Master degree

The research-oriented master’s degree program requires at least some previous knowledge of Political Science in the extent of a 60 credit point BA degree. The master’s degree program is designed for a standard period of study of four semesters and opens the possibility to specialize in subdisciplines and create individual profiles.

The following subdisciplines are available for specialization:

  • Foreign Policy and International Relations (Prof. Dr. Rafael Biermann)
  • European Studies (apl. Prof. Dr. Olaf Leiße)
  • International Organizations and Globalization (Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Kreuder-Sonnen)
  • Political Systems (Prof. Dr. Marion Reiser)
  • Political Theory and the History of Political Thought (apl. Prof. Dr. Michael Dreyer)
  • Comparative Politics (apl. Prof. Dr. Torsten Oppelland)