The diversity of the work in the student council

The diversity of the work in the student councilAll students have heard of the student council. But only a few know what the tasks of a student council actually look like. Here we would like to give you a small insight into the versatility of the tasks and work in the student council. There really is something for everyone!

Hello, who are you and why are you part of our Student Council?

Rebecca Bück Portrait Rebecca Bück Portrait Image: Rebecca Bück

Rebecca Bück

My name is Rebecca Bück, I am 25 years old and study Political Science in the Master. Since October 2021 I am the head of the FSR Political Science and Social Studies.

After I was already active in the student council during my bachelor's degree, I also wanted to get involved in Jena. The FSR here had dissolved and I joined some fellow students who wanted to revive these structures. Within a short time we grew to about 15-20 active members and since then we organize networking events as well as content-related events, we are the link to the institute and the officially elected representation of the department of political science and social studies.

My work as head of the council is mainly representative - in the FSR we have flat hierarchies and everyone has the opportunity to contribute on an equal footing. Nevertheless, there are some tasks that outsiders often do not notice. For example, I usually chair the FSR meetings, prepare them by planning the agenda and officially inviting people to them, meet regularly with the institute management, and am usually the contact person for questions and problems in the FSR. Fortunately, problems are rare - questions are not. As head, organizational skills, an overall view, and an eye for everything that is happening at the university are hugely important. Whether it's events we can help with or committees we need to fill - I look at everything I see at the university through "FSR glasses." This can also be exhausting. Always being physically and mentally at every meeting, preparing everything, and keeping projects in the back of my mind for the long term takes time and energy. On most days I enjoy doing this, but I am very happy about the support of the other FSR members.

In the FSR, I am also active in some working groups, the "AK Öffi" for example, is particularly fun for me because I have already managed some Instagram channels in the past. Due to my work as head, however, I keep a low profile in the working groups. A project close to my heart was our workshop at the end of April, which we planned in a small team.
What we have built up with this FSR fills me with pride. Together, we organized events at a time when others could no longer fulfill this task and ensured that students of political science and social studies have proper student representation. In addition, we are currently in the process of building long-term structures to make it easier for future FSRs than it was made for us.This is work that is not so visible, but very important.
But the best thing about all this is that we get along very well in the FSR and some friendships have developed. Productivity with fun - #ilovegremienarbeit !


Pauline Uhrmeister Portrait Pauline Uhrmeister Portrait Image: Pauline Uhrmeister

Pauline Uhrmeister

My name is Pauline Uhrmeister and I study Political Science and Communication Science in Bachelor.

For me, the work in the FSR was and is a great opportunity to plan and implement projects together with fellow students, but also to be active in university politics - for our student council.

As a member of the events working group, I am able to help shape various events, such as our workshop weekend for further semester planning or the upcoming Buchenwald excursion.

I especially appreciate the team and debate culture in our FSR with many joint actions and lively discussions - both in the meetings and afterwards :)

Maximilian Volz Portrait Maximilian Volz Portrait Image: Maximilian Volz

Maximilian Volz

My name is Maximilian Volz, I'm 25 years old and I'm studying political science and German literature for my bachelor's degree.

I joined the FSR about a year ago, mainly because I wanted to organize exciting events for the student council. That worked out well right away:
For example, we organized an information evening on Nawalny & Russian politics. We also organized an election podium for the 2021 Bundestag elections. But I was also able to help shape and learn a lot more in the FSR: In my function as treasurer, I got insights into the world of accounting and take care of our finances together with the budget officer.

Another task that I really enjoy is representing the FSR in the Institute Council. In addition to the professors, all lecturers and employees of the Department of Political Science sit there. It is sometimes difficult to discuss at eye level with the lecturers, but after a while it actually works very well and it is a great opportunity to stand up for the interests of the students. For example, we want gender-appropriate language to be made possible in term papers and to secure its use in the institute's guide.

Being a member of the FSR is not only a great way to develop and learn new things, but it's also a lot of fun and you get to know great people!