The Anti-Discrimination Office of the Student Council for Political Science/Social Studies

Our anti-discrimination office

The issue of anti-discrimination concerns us all. We are aware that unfortunately sexual, trans- and homophobic, ableist, religious, racist and ethnic discrimination can occur in the university context. In order to make studying successful, the tasks of a student council include not only organizing parties and other events, but also taking responsibility towards students and those affected by such discrimination. 

That is why we, as the student council of political science/social studies, have created a separate department for any kind of discrimination.

Our work

We would like to be a support for you and encourage you to seek help if you have had to suffer traumatic and discriminatory experiences. We are available as a student council to speak for you, to accompany you, to mediate and to support you. The absolute priority of our two anti-discrimination representatives is the protection and well-being of those affected, ensuring anonymity and absolute discretion. 

If you or people around you have experienced discrimination, be it in an (online) seminar, in the hallway of the university or in other university-related events, you can always contact us. We take care of the incident so that those affected are not alone with their situation.

Our anti-discrimination representatives

Rita Kopp, Portrait
Image: Arbeitskreis Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Rita Kopp
I'm Rita, 25 years old, my pronouns are she/her and I'm in my 4th semester studying for a Master's degree in Political Science. During my studies I was always totally happy to have a solidary and empathic environment that was always ready to help. Now I would like to contribute to this in the Anti-Discrimination Office and be the open ear myself that was always available to me.
Anton Stock, Portrait
Image: Arbeitskreis Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Anton Stock
I am Anton and have been studying here in Jena since winter 2020.
I think it's important that structures exist in as many contexts as possible that can catch and counter discrimination of any kind. That's why I think it's important that there is now a point of contact at the institute in addition to the university's Equal Opportunity Officer.
Anti-discrimination office of the student council
Office hours:
Office Hours:
by appointment via mail

All emails sent to this address will only be handled by our anti-discrimination representatives and all incidents will be treated with absolute confidentiality and discretion.

Affected persons can choose who they want to contact.