Associate Professor

Leiße, Olaf Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Olaf Leiße  

Research Areas

Europeanization and Transformations in Southeastern Europe

Governance and Transition of National Statehood in the European Union

Statehood, State Disintegration and State Bulding esp. in Africa

Comparative Federalism Research


Marion Wondrak: Carl-Zeiss-Str. 3
07743 Jena
Room 454
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 12am - 2pm    
Phone: +49 3641 9 45431    
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Student Assistants

Martin Pötzch (BA)

Research Profile

The chair of European Studies, located at the interface between Comparative Politics and International Relations, deals with all issues regarding European integration. This field encompasses general historical developments and aspects of the history of political thought since the Second World War, the study of European states, international European organizations, policy areas and major cleavages. The European Union is the most important subject of research and teaching. The department focuses on the analysis of the EU’s institutions and policies as well as on comparative European studies. The process leading to a European constitution and the issue of good governance are perceived as decisive for the future of European integration. In addition, the EU gains more impact as international player. This leads to the study of the EU’s relations with its immediate neighbours, especially on the Western Balkans, in the former Soviet sphere and in Northern Africa.

The department of European Studies contributes to the graduate and undergraduate programmes of political science,   to teaching degrees as well as to several interdisciplinary programmes: ‘South-East-European Studies’, ‘Poland-Studies’ and ‘History and Politics of the 20th Century’. It is also part of the graduate school 1412 ‚Kulturelle Orientierungen und gesellschaftliche Ordnungsstrukturen in Südosteuropa‘.