(Full) Professor

martin dot welz at uni-jena dot de

 Fröhlich, Manuel Prof. Dr.

Dr. Martin Welz

(interim Professor)






Prof. Dr. Manuel Fröhlich

(former Professor)


Research Areas

International Organizations - United Nations -
African Union

Globalization - Global Governance

Conflict Management - Peace Operations

Inter-Organizational Relations

Interests of IO Member States





Marion Wondrak: Carl-Zeiss-Str. 3
07743 Jena
Raum 454
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Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 12am-2pm    
Phone: +49 3641 9 45431    
Fax: +49 3641 9 45432    

Research Assistants

Steve Biedermann, M.A. 

Student Assistants

Gunnar Hamann, B.A.

Research Profile

The Chair focuses on the connected teaching and research fields international organizations, globalization and global governance, peace and conflict research, and governance and political communication. The focus is on the structural transformation of international relations on the one hand and the transformation of political control processes on the other. Against this background, the professor also works alongside specific research projects at the establishment and differentiation of teaching formats, educational concepts and contextual knowledge in a globalized world.

Teaching Profile

As part of the BA, and particularly the MA, self-contained modules with a focus on “International organizations and globalization” are offered, which interlink events to the areas of “International Organizations”, “Theories of International Relations”, “Globalization” and “Peace and Conflict Studies”. Courses focusing on “International organizations and Globalization” are also compatible with the Master’s degree programs “Education – Culture – Anthropology”, “Social Theory” and “History and 20th-Century Politics.”

Information and communication in my lectures are supplemented by a web-based service and support, the Digital Teaching Working Space
The current events can be found in the menu under my name. 
Several areas require registering as a user and seminar participants

The descriptions of the modules as scheduled are offered here:

Base Module International Organizations POL 260
Base Module European Studies / International Organizations POL 270
Master module International organizations and Globalisation I POL 760
Master module International Organizations and Globalization II POL 761
Master module International organizations and globalization III   POL 761

Another “special offer” is the possibility to participate at the international student competition “World Model United Nations”, hosted by the Harvard University. The chair supports the the selection of the students such as the preparation phase of the Jena delegation.