Alumni and Friend’s Association

Founded in 2000, the Friends’ Association is a nonprofit, independent and nonpartisan membership organization for the promotion of research and teaching at the Department of Political Science. In addition, the Association is in contact with numerous alumni and intends to keep this up even after their graduation. The following aspects describe the activities of the Association and the added value of being a member:

Communication: The Association sees itself as a nodal point where all the relevant members of the Department, alumni and students can receive information concerning current events, projects, publications and other developments. This happens via a frequent e-mail newsletter and/or a Facebook group (Name: Förderverein des Jenaer Instituts für Politikwissenschaft). This is also a contribution to the external representation of the department.

Network: Especially for former students of Political Science, it is interesting to stay in touch with their “alma mater” after the graduation and to be able to connect to former fellow students even after many years – for personal or professional purposes. The Association provides a password-protected website for members with contact information. These also include current employers and professional positions such as information about internships.

Funding: The association supports the annual “Day of Political Science” and provides, for example, the exam awards for outstanding alumni. In addition, the association promotes printing costs for scientific publications, guest lectures at the Department as well as the implementation of national and international meetings in Jena. A particular concern to us is furthermore the promotion of relations of political science to political practice and business.

Here you can find the Associations articles (German version).



Chairmain/Chairwoman: Anja Siegesmund MdL  and Dr. Mario Voigt MdL

Representative oft the research team: Dr. des. Andreas Braune and Dorothea Prell, M.A.

Representative of the students: Anabelle Pöhlmann and Selma Illig 

Treasurer: Ines Schildhauer

Department Director: apl. Prof. Dr. Torsten Oppelland



We are always happy to welcome new members who want to support developing the Association and the Department of Political Science. Any natural or legal person is allowed to become a member of our association (including students). The application for membership will be confirmed by a resolution of the board.

Here you can find the application form (German version).



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