Prof. Dr. Rafael Biermann und Prof. Dr. Joachim Koops (Brüssel) haben 2016 das ”Palgrave Handbook on Inter-Organizational Relations in Global Politics” veröffentlicht.

Palgrave Handbook on Inter-Organizational Relations

Prof. Dr. Rafael Biermann und Prof. Dr. Joachim Koops (Brüssel) haben 2016 das ”Palgrave Handbook on Inter-Organizational Relations in Global Politics” veröffentlicht.

Table of contents  

Studying Relations Among International Organizations in World Politics: Core Concepts and Challenges
Biermann, Rafael (et al.)
Pages 1-46

IR Paradigms and Inter-Organizational Theory: Situating the Research Program Within the Discipline
Jönsson, Christer
Pages 49-66

Organization Theory and Cooperation and Conflict Among International Organizations
Lipson, Michael
Pages 67-96

The Rational Design of Relations Between Intergovernmental Organizations
Dijkstra, Hylke
Pages 97-112

Social Network Analysis
Schulze, Matthias (et al.)
Pages 113-134

Resource Dependence Theory
Biermann, Rafael (et al.)
Pages 135-155

Population Ecology: How the Environment Influences the Evolution of Organizations
Ries, Florian
Pages 157-168

Sociological Approaches
Franke, Ulrich (et al.)
Pages 169-187

Inter-Organizationalism in International Relations: A Multilevel Framework of Analysis
Koops, Joachim A.
Pages 189-216

The Evolvement of International Secretariats, Executive Heads and Leadership in Inter-Organizational Relations
Reinalda, Bob (et al.)
Pages 217-242

The Role of International Bureaucracies
Biermann, Rafael
Pages 243-270

The Principal–Agent Model and Inter-Organizational Relations
Drieskens, Edith (et al.)
Pages 271-288

Configurations in Inter-Organizational Cooperation: From Dyads to Organizational Fields
Wooten, Melissa E. (et al.)
Pages 289-301

Nested Institutions
Blavoukos, Spyros (et al.)
Pages 303-317

NGO–NGO Relations
Schneiker, Andrea
Pages 319-336

Legitimizing Inter-Organizational Relations
Biermann, Rafael
Pages 337-364

Power in Inter-Organizational Relations
Ojanen, Hanna
Pages 365-388

Assessing Influence Between International Organizations
Costa, Oriol
Pages 389-405

Trust Among International Organizations
Brugger, Philipp (et al.)
Pages 407-426

Inter-Organizational Coordination in Peacebuilding
McEvoy, Joanne
Pages 429-445

Regime Complexity and Resource Dependence Theory in International Peacekeeping
Brosig, Malte
Pages 447-470

Dark Networks: The Terror–Crime Nexus
Wu, Marie (et al.)
Pages 471-484

The Theory and Practice of International Humanitarian Relief Coordination
Stephenson, Max O.
Pages 485-502

The Global Governance of Food Security
Margulis, Matias E.
Pages 503-525

Inter-Organizational Relations in the Field of Democratisation: Cooperation or Delegation? The European Union, the OSCE, and the Council of Europe
Gawrich, Andrea
Pages 527-546

The Council of Europe and Cooperation with Civil Society
Härtel, André
Pages 547-567

Pushed Toward Partnership: Increasing Cooperation Between the Bretton Woods Bodies
Freytag, Andreas (et al.)
Pages 569-589

Organizational Interactions in Global Energy Governance
Graaf, Thijs
Pages 591-609

The Cooperation of the European Union with Employer and Labor Associations
Wendler, Frank
Pages 611-626

IGO Relations in the Anti-corruption Realm and in Promoting Integrity in Public Procurement
Grigorescu, Alexandru
Pages 627-647

Relations Between International Organisations in Combating Climate Change
Biedenkopf, Katja
Pages 649-676

Biermann, Rafael (et al.)
Pages 677-696